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Vladimir Hakac

Vladimir Hakac

Brief info

Sports experience

  • 15-years-long tennis experience

Coaching experience

  • 4-years-long youth tennis coaching (individual setting, group setting)
  • Tennis Coach Licence, Category C
  • Assistant Coach of Zoran Jovanovski

Athletes mentored

  • Sparing partner of Bojana Jovanovska

Personal accomplishments

  • 3rd place national holder until the age of 14
  • Won Belgrade Masters Tournaments in categories up to 16 years and up to 18 years og age
  • Vice champion in team championship in the category of up to 16 years
  • Invitation to play for the national team in the category of up to 14 years
  • Semi-finale of the national championship in the category of up to 14 years

Spoken languages

  • Fluent in Serbian and English

Fun facts

  • I love taking our players out for pancakes and the infamous pljeskavice. My colleagues do not approve of this behavior, but oh well.